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Leg Work

We can coordinate dozer work, seeding, fence work and more utilizing our contacts with well established and respected contractors throughout the South Texas area.  We will work with landowners to improve established practices regarding farm and ranch operations. 

 Courthouse Work

In today's environment, work isn't always confined by rusty barbwire.  Courthouse research is the solution to many ranch problems.  Today, clearing title is as important as clearing land.  We can help with that. 


Paper Work
While our handshake will always be our bond, sometimes it is beneficial to have a little paperwork for backup.  Let us help you organize and prioritize so that you can feel secure in managing your land's future. 

Our founder, John Porter, was born and raised in South Texas.  He grew up learning the ways of the land by listening closely to the wisdom of his two grandfathers, Newt Porter and Howard Stulting.  Both imparted the importance of taking care of the land so that it will be there to take of you and your family. 

Many after school afternoons spent tending to cattle, horses and bulldozing projects with various family members, solidified John's desire to continue his dedication to the lands of Texas.  Wanting to learn more about both the science and business behind properly running a cattle and horse ranch, he pursued a higher education.  Splitting his time horseback and the classrooms at Tarleton State, John ultimately graduated with a BS in Agriculture Business and an MBA,

After graduation and time spent as an Agriculture Extension Agent in Sanderson, Texas, John added to his skill set by learning the both the courthouse and field production side of oil field production.  He is well versed in courthouse research strategy and document preparation.  His work in the field included staking wells, coordinating meetings and landowner relations. 

Porter Land & Consulting was developed to allow John to bring his unique skill set to those that are in need of a little guidance, assistance, operation coordination or all of the above.

We believe that that the benefits of oil field production do not have to compromise your hard earned ranch heritage.  With a little extra thought, the two can work together to establish an enduring legacy. 

Porter Land & Consulting, Incorporated